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Weeks of Welcome (WOW) Event Submission Form

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Weeks of Welcome:

Monday, August 26 - Friday, September 13

Weeks of Welcome, or WOW, at Texas State is a marketing program designed to promote campus activities and events for all students during the first three weeks of the fall and spring semesters. The goal is for students to have improved access to event calendars and current information on fun, engaging, diverse and informative student programs. The WOW calendar will be marketed to students using social media, printed materials, and web sites.

Deadline for Submission

For Fall 2019, all submissions must be submitted by Friday, August 22, 2019.

Events with Attendance Caps or RSVP Required

If your event will have a limit on the number of participants or will require a RSVP, please provide that information in the description box within the form. The Weeks of Welcome Committee will assist in the wide spread marketing of the program, but it is the event coordinator's responsibility to monitor attendance caps or RSVPs for their program. 

Submission Review

All submissions for the Fall 2019 Weeks of Welcome will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the WOW Program coordinators and may contact you with questions regarding your event. 

Please see the link to our submission form. Note that only completed forms will be accepted. 

Attention Student Organizations: Please note that the Weeks of Welcome program is not intended for recruiting events (i.e. informational meetings). We highly encourage you to contact the office of Student Involvement regarding their Fall Involvement Fair.

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