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Bobcat Break

Bobcat Break organizes trips for Bobcats during Fall, Winter, and Spring breaks. Bobcat Break allows students to travel to communities and engage in service and experiential learning during university breaks. These short-term service trips provide an all-inclusive experience for students while providing a learning experience on issues such as culture, environment, homelessness, hunger, literacy, and poverty. These trips are life-changing for all students who attend.

Upcoming Fall '18 and Winter '19 Trips

All Bobcat Break trips are online application based. If you have any questions about our application process, feel free to stop by Student Involvement within the LBJSC in 4-11.9.

All Bobcat Break weekend trips cost $25.00 and week-long trips are TBD. At Bobcat Break, we never want cost to come in the way of service. If you cannot afford to attend Bobcat Break but want to, please email


Apply Now

Below are buttons that will link you to the application to each specific Bobcat Break trip. Please apply to as many Bobcat Breaks trips as you would like.