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Boko Awards

The Boko Awards Ceremony will be held April 17, 2019 to honor those who make a commitment to leadership, service and excellence. Students of the university community are recognized as individuals and as part of an organization for achievement in campus involvement and leadership. Boko Awards celebrates organizations, advisors, and participants of organizations that have displayed excellence and achievement in the variety of areas that contribute to the values of Texas State University. These areas of excellence include, but are not limited to, leadership development, community service, diversity, innovation, academic development, and membership involvement.

Want to perform at Boko Awards?

Student Involvement is looking for talented students to perform during the Boko Awards. Multiple performances will take place for the award ceremony and each set will be given approximately 5-10 minutes. If you are interested, please click the button below.


Please contact SOC at, Thomas Nguyen, Graduate Assistant,, or Kimberly Duncan-Ashley, Assistant Director at Student Involvement, at with any questions or concerns.

Boko Awards 2017