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Start an Organization

2020-2021 New Student Organization Registration

New Student Organization Registration has gone digital and can be found here! If you are interested in starting a new organization or should you have any questions, please contact us at

Steps to Start Your Own Organization

A potential new student organization will need to

  1. Complete the New Student Organization Online Registration
  2. Submit a Constitution to the front desk of Student Involvement: For your reference, Guideline & Checklist
  3. Have a minimum of three (3) officers who can speak on behalf of the orgnization
  4. Find an advisor

Once my organization is established, what are my responsibilities?

  1. Students can start a new student organization at any time. To be recognized by the university, students must file annual registration forms with Student Involvement @ LBJSC and keep a current officer roster updated and on file. Information for annual registration is sent to current student organization officers in spring to begin annual registration for the next academic year.
  2. A minimum of two leaders of designated representatives of each Student Organization must attend risk management training session in the beginning of each semester.
  3. Each Student Organization is accountable for the conduct, safety and general welfare of its members and their guests whenever they represent the organization or are participating in organizational activities.
  4. Hazing, at any level of membership in the organization, is strictly prohibited at Texas State. For further definitions and policies regarding hazing, refer to the Texas State Student Handbook Appendix A or the Hazing Memorandum.
  5. Student Organizations must be in compliance with Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which requires membership and activities to be open to all persons regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. Student Organizations whose national organization is exempt from Title IX must furnish proof by letter from the national office. Organizations are exempt from Title IX requirements only as they relate to their status as single-sex organizations.
  6. Student Organizations must adhere to all university policies and all local, state, and federal laws, and must also adhere to their own approved constitutions (current copy must be filed in appropriate office).
  7.  Student Organizations must have a student emphasis.