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Policies and Forms

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are afforded access to campus resources and in turn agree to comply with regulation and procedures established for the governance of all student groups (SA/PPS No. 05.04). Co-curricular experiences enhance the learning and development of the individual student and help create a sense of belonging. A wide range of groups and levels of organization structures exist to define the status of organizations and encourage unity among similar organizations.

Student Organization Registration Information

Registered status is granted to student organizations whose purpose and activities enhance the social, cultural, recreational and educational development of the students. The Annual Registration or New Student Organization. 
Registration must be renewed annually with Student Involvement at the end of each Spring semester but no later than the end of the fourth week of Fall classes. Failure to do so will result in no longer being recognized as a part of the university and thus is not able to utilize on campus resources or opportunities.
Registered Student Organizations:
  • Who are affiliates with an off-campus organization are required to indicate off-campus affiliation status on their registration form.
  • That use Texas State in their title must use the following format: (Name of Organization) at Texas State. Organizations may not use “Texas State (Name of Organization)” unless it is a Sport Club.
Please utilize these forms below to ensure current contact information for student organization leaders to make certain that proper information is distributed for organization success.  

Event Related Policies

Student Organization Event Intake Form 

Food Safety - beginning Fall 2013, student organizations wishing to distribute and/or sell food on-campus will be required to attend the Food Safety Training. To read the policy for food safety for temporary food establishments on campus, please click here. To register for Food Handler Safety Training, please click here

Risk Management - to ensure the safety of our students and student organizations, we provide these useful resources for students to understand risk and ensure a safer environments.

Solicitation, Information, Recruitment, Special Event, Expressive Areas, and Off-Campus Solictiation Guidelines - Solicitation is the sale of goods and/or services and can be provided through flyers and/or booths on campus. Solicitation is allowed to provide a source of financial support to student organizations. These funds are then used by the organization to provide training, development, and/or provide quality programming to students and the San Marcos community. To read the policy on solicitiation on campus, click here

Travel Policies - The purpose of this UPPS is to provide the university community and specifically, students and student organizations, with procedures and safety guidelines for student, student organization and sponsored program participant travel that is twenty-five or more miles away from campus, and is sanctioned by the University. Student Travel Forms must be turned in ten (10) business days prior to the travel date to Student Involvement. Students will also be placed on the Excused Absences System Calendar that they can share with professors if necessary.To read the policy, please click here

Commonly Used Documents

You can find other important and commonly used documents that can be found at the Student Involvement Policies and Forms website.

You will find the following commonly used forms on this page:

  • Information.Recruitment.Special Event Request
  • Solicitation Request
  • Vendor Agreement Form
  • Food Waiver, Food Safety and Personal Hygiene Form
  • Electioneering Request
  • Off Campus Fundraising Solicitation Request
  • Amplified Sound Request


Student Travel Forms: Must complete all appropriate attachments

Request Funding

The Student Organizations Council has allocated student service fee money to help support the over 350+ registered student organization. Please review funding guidelines and complete the online request to apply for funding. Funding hearings this semester take place during our Tuesday morning meetings and are reviewed on a weekly as needed basis.

Please note that all paperwork must be submitted and verified before reimbursements are made. 

SOC Logo (JPG, 23 KB)
VM_W9 Form Spring 2015 : Vendor Maintenance (PDF, 1 MB)