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Social Media Outreach Request

Social Media Outreach Request is a resource for your student organization or department to market and advertise to students and Texas State community members! 


Priority will be given to Student Involvement related information. Please spell and fact-check items before sending them. 

What to submit:

  • News specifically targeting students or the Texas State community
  • Large scale university-wide programs
  • Official university-recognized, group initiatives
  • Important events, programs, resources and services
  • Opportunities for student involvement
  • Highlights of significant student achievement

What NOT to submit:

  • Regularly scheduled student organization meetings
  • Events that are not open to students
  • Advertising for non-Texas State entities
  • Off-Campus social events
  • Recruitment information for classes
  • On-campus Solicitation

Submissions may be published for a max of 4 weeks, and up to 1 month prior to the event. If you would like your submission to be published more than once, please specify in your submission. Otherwise, your submission will be published once.

If you have any questions about Social Media Outreach, please contact

Rights of the Social Media Outreach Editor: The editor of Bobcat Now reserves the right to exclude any information that is irrelevant or inappropriate, and to edit all submitted information. 

Suggestions of what to include in your submission:

  • Name of sponsoring Organization/Department
  • Announcement Title/Headline
  • Dates and/or deadlines
  • Time
  • Location
  • Cost, if any
  • Sign up or RSVP requirement and deadline
  • Website or social media information
  • Person/Department to contact for additional information (make sure to include name and phone/email address). 
I would like my submission published at least ___ amount of times prior to the event.


Photos should be clear and relevant. Photos and flyers should be submitted electronically, as a .JPEG file, and may not be submitted as an image inserted into a word document. Please title your photos and flyers appropriately.