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OFF CAMPUS USER Reservation Request

How to fill out this form

Please use this form ONLY if you are scheduling a private or corporate event.  (TXST Student Organizations, Departments, Staff/Faculty, and Alumni must use the other forms.   

Food Waiver forms are required for every event that includes food of any kind. 

Ballroom diagrams are required for all Ballroom events. 

Please attach the necessary forms with each reservation request to expedite processing. 

Contact Information


Event Details

Event Will Include

Multi-Day/Multi-Room Events

If your event spans multiple days and includes multiple rooms with varying start and end times, please fill out the LBJSC Schedule Grid on the Forms page and attach it to this reservation request.  (There is also a static PDF available on the Forms page if this file will not load on your browser).  

Meeting Rooms are opened 15 minutes prior to your event.  If you require additional time before or after for your event, please request it in the Notes field below.


Room Selection

Select up to (5) rooms for your event.  If you need additional rooms, please add them in the Notes field at the end of this section.



Food Service

If your event will serve food, please list the food vendor's name.  (Requires Food Waiver form).

If your event will be catered by Chartwells or other Approved Caterer, please list the Approved Caterer's name. (Requires Food Waiver form).


Audio/Visual & Equipment Rental

A/V & Equipment


Attach Ballroom Diagram, Multi-Purpose Diagram, Food Waiver, or other files here. 


LBJSC Reservation Policies

ACCEPTANCE OF THIS FORM DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A CONFIRMATION OF YOUR REQUEST. The Conference Services Office will provide an e-mailed confirmation of your request.  READ YOUR CONFIRMATION CAREFULLY! It is the client’s responsibility to notify the Conference Services Office of any corrections or additions that need to be made to the confirmation.
ASSIGNMENT OF ROOMS. The Conference Services Office reserves the right to reassign rooms as necessary.
CHARGES. All charges for equipment, overtime, security, technical assistance and other fees will appear on your printed confirmation.  Other charges added after you receive your confirmation will be itemized on your invoice.
CANCELLATIONS. Different rooms have different cancellation policies.  A copy of the Cancellation Policy is available in the Conference Services Office.  Failure to cancel a reservation according to the policy will result in a cancellation fee. For more information check our web page or call 512-245-2264.
FOOD/BEVERAGES. Compliance with existing Student Center Food Policy is required and failure to do so may result in loss of future room reservations.  A copy of the Food and Beverage Policy is available in the Conference Services Office.
RESPONSIBILITY OF SPONSORING ORGANIZATION. Failure of a group to exercise proper care of the facility will result in cancellation of the remaining reservation.  Costs of repairs or replacement of damaged facility, equipment or excessive housekeeping will be billed to the organization.  Knowledge and understanding of all Student Center Policies is the responsibility of the sponsor.
The Organization releases and agrees to indemnify Texas State and all its employees from any claims on account of death, personal injury, or property damage that may occur from any cause during the Organization’s use of the facility, regardless of whether the death, personal injury, or property damage is cause by Texas State’s negligence or the negligence of any of its employees. The Organization intends to indemnify Texas State and Its employees from the consequences of their own negligence.
Ballroom Deposits for Off Campus/Individuals:  Half of total bill is due within 2 weeks of receiving confirmation to secure the reservation. The remainder of balance is due prior to event date.  See Cancellation Policy.
The LBJ Student Center is ADA accessible. If you feel you have special needs due to a disability, contact us at 512-245-2264.
Reservations for the upcoming weekend must be made by Wednesday before 5:00 P.M.
Texas State grants the Organization permission to use its facility subject to the terms of this agreement.  The Organization agrees to use Texas State’s facility according to the terms of this agreement.
I understand that the submission of this reservation is not a confirmation of availability. *