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Policies And Pricing

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  • Fall 2020 Requests (August 1- December 18, 2020)

    Student Organization Requests open April 27, 2020 at 9 a.m.

    University Department Requests open May 4, 2020 at 9 a.m.

    Non-University Events/Private event requests open May 18, 2020


  • General Questions

    • EMS (Event Management Software) is the event scheduling software used to request meeting space in the LBJ Student Center.

  • Requesting Event or Meeting Space

    • Visit EMS at and select the appropriate request template.

    • To request space for your event online, access to EMS software is required. All Texas State faculty, staff and students may access EMS using their Net ID.      

      Faculty, staff, students, and off-campus clients who want to reserve space for a private or non-university event must submit their request from the Conference Services website.

    • Student Organizations

      The officers listed on your student organization registration (typically president, vice president, and treasurer) as well as faculty/staff advisors are eligible to request space for registered student organizations.

      After a reservation request is submitted in EMS, it is automatically routed to both Student Involvement and Conference Services for review. A reservation request may also require approval from university entities such as UPD or Environmental Health & Safety. The contact who submitted the reservation will receive correspondence from both Student Involvement and Conference Services during this process.

      Once the request has been reviewed by Student Involvement, the reservation status is updated and Conference Services begins their process of confirming the space and event logistics (i.e., expected attendance, food service, Audio/Visual requirements, room layout or diagrams).  Although the space may be held in EMS, an event is not fully confirmed until all the required info has been received and a final confirmation email is sent to the contact.     

      TXST Departments

      All TXST staff and faculty have access to book events and meetings for their department in EMS.  After a reservation request is submitted, Conference Services reviews the request and begins working on the event logistics.  The web user will be contacted for any additional information required to confirm the reservation (i.e., Cost/Fund account numbers, food service info, expected attendance, Audio/Visual details, room layout or diagrams).  Although the space may be held in the EMS system, an event is not fully confirmed until all the required info has been received and a final confirmation email is sent to the event contact.  

    • Student organizations should use the request form “LBJSC Student Org Recurring Meeting Request”. 

      Departments should use the “LBJSC Meeting Room Request”.

      When booking your recurring event in EMS, in the upper left screen you will see “Date & Time”.  Select the first date of your meeting.  Adjacent to “Date & Time” is the “Recurrence” button.  EMS allows the user to choose daily, weekly, monthly, or random dates.  Once the recurrence is applied, click "Search" and select your desired rooms. The system will prompt the user to provide the attendance and set-up type. The system will list available rooms and how many times a specific room is available.  Please note that the same room may not be available for every meeting or event date and/or time requested. For remaining rooms, click on "Remaining" to find available rooms.

    • LBJ Student Center hours of operation are listed and updated regularly in EMS. To view building hours at the home screen, click on "Locations" under the “Browse” tab. White areas represent open hours, gray areas indicate closed. 

    • "Special Date" is a term used to identify major TXST activities and closings that may impact reservation requests.

    • Conference Services will work to accommodate requests for special room sets.  When the requested room and set-up preferences cannot be accommodated, the next best alternative will be provided.

    • This can happen for many reasons. First, make sure you have selected the correct building under “Facility.” All rooms have maximum capacities depending on attendance and type of set-up. Attendance cannot exceed the maximum occupancy for fire code safety.   

      To maximize limited meeting space, some rooms also have minimum capacities (Ballrooms, Teaching Theater, largest LBJ meeting rooms).  For example, if you expect 30 guests at your event and you’d like to book the Ballroom, the Ballroom will not appear as an option because of the minimum capacity requirements.  For additional assistance, contact Conference Services. 

  • Event Status & Requirements

    • The following is a list of possible statuses which a client may see in EMS, and corresponding descriptions:

                •         Web Request: Online requests received (this is the beginning status that a request automatically receives via EMS when a client submits a request).   Reminder:  Receiving an automatic confirmation of your reservation request from EMS does not mean that your event is confirmed.

                •        Web Conflict: multiple requests were submitted at the same time resulting in an unsuccessful request

                •        SI - Pending: Student Organization Event Intake Meeting or additional information is needed by Student Involvement

                •        SI – Approved:   Student Organization Request has been reviewed by Student Involvement (Request is then sent Conference Services for their review)

                •        SI – Declined: Request has been denied by Student Involvement

                •        Event Pending: Request is being reviewed by Conference Services.

                •        LBJ Event Confirmed: Request has been approved by both Student Involvement (student orgs) and Conference Services

                •        Event Declined: Event details and/or space is denied based on a failure of the client or facility to meet event or space requirements or due to a change in group status.

                •        Event Cancelled: Event has been cancelled.

                •        Cancelled with Charges: Event has been cancelled and fees are owed.

                •        Event Hold: Administrative LBJ status

                •        Waitlist: Event is next in line for a date/room that is currently unavailable. This is an administrative status.

                •        LBJ Cannot Accommodate: Student Organization request will be forwarded to the Registrar for possible space in an academic building

                •        VIP Confirmed:  VIP Event in Confirmed Status

    • The status of requests submitted through EMS can be checked at any time through the "My Events" section of your EMS account.

  • EMS Errors & Troubleshooting

  • Who to Contact for Assistance