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Distance doesn’t divide us, Bobcats!

Distance doesn’t divide us, Bobcats! 

Mental Health


Whether you’re at home with your parents unsure of your next move, or living in San Marcos wondering when things are going to return to normal, the most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Now that classes have moved online and you’re learning remotely, there are still many resources available to you as you finish up the spring semester. Now is the best time to capitalize on all of the things Texas State has to offer to help you through this period in your collegiate career.


Your mental health should be at the top of your priority list. With social distancing and quarantine restrictions in place, there are many ways you can continue to take care of your mental health. The Counseling Center has an created an amazing webpage with access to a list of COVID-19 resources that provide information, support, and webinars to help ease your worries and provide you with tools to tackle any problems that arise. Some of the resources include Therapy Assistance Online (TAO), which is an interactive online support system for anxiety, depression, and other concerns that is extremely beneficial in managing them. The Counseling Center is also still providing consultations via phone, so if you need immediate help don’t hesitate to reach out at (512)245-2208.


No motivation to keep up with your workouts? The Department of Campus Recreation has launched their Fitness From Home program, where you can join in on a variety of workout classes ranging from Yoga to HIIT Circuits. Your physical health is just as important as your mental health, so it’s vital that you keep your body active when local gyms and parks are closed. Not only is this a great opportunity to make new friends, it’s a fun way to get your heart pumping at the same time. For the class schedule and a library of workout videos to complete on your own time, visit their website today.


As you’re looking for internships or are about to graduate and enter the work force, it’s incredibly beneficial to have a group of professionals to guide you. Career Services can help with any needs or concerns you might have. Resume critiques and career counseling is still fully functional through Zoom, where you can get connections and advice to help you during your post-grad transition. Through these appointments, trained professionals can help you figure out what the next steps are and create a plan that best fits your needs. Their main role is to be a resource for you and provide the support needed so you feel confident as you head off into your field. Give them a call today at (512)245-2645 or visit their website to learn about how they can help set you up for success.


One of the best ways to stay connected is to reach out to your mentors at Texas State. If you’re a first-year student, your Peer Mentor is a perfect resource if you’re feeling overwhelmed or need someone to talk to. Not only do you already have a bond with them through your US1100 class, but they’re going through the same experiences you are right now as a student themselves so they can relate to you on a deeper level. Your faculty and staff are other great options, and offer a lot of wisdom that reaches beyond just the classroom. Don’t be afraid to shoot your favorite professor an email or text a mentor you’ve grown close to. This is a perfect time to strengthen your bonds with them and support each other no matter the distance between you.


Distance doesn’t divide us, Bobcats! Remember to take care of yourself LBJSC is always here for you.