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5 Ways to Make the Perfect Quaran-Routine this Semester

5 Ways to Make the Perfect Quaran-Routine this Semester


1) Stick to a Sleep Schedule That Works for You

Everyone knows how difficult it is to log into your Zoom classes when you’ve spent the night binge watching Netflix until 3 am. It’s easy to mess up your sleeping schedule and even harder to get it back on track, but getting your recommended 8 hours is vital to your success this semester. Remote learning leaves you with a lot of responsibility since your teachers can’t see you dozing off in a virtual classroom, so it’s up to you to make sure you’re well rested. When you’re alert, you’re more likely to ask questions and take better notes, overall helping you retain the information a lot easier. If you’re having trouble getting the rest you need, try to log off all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. Our laptops and phone screens emit a blue light that can trick our brains into thinking it’s daytime, making it harder to fall asleep. More time on our computers during remote learning might increase this problem, so remember to unplug and develop a good bedtime routine so you wake up refreshed!


2) Put on Your Shoes Everyday (Yes, really!)

I know it may sound strange but putting on your shoes before getting started with your day might help you stay focused. Fully getting ready (down to your socks and shoes) is one of the best ways to trick your mind into thinking it’s time to work. When you’re sitting in your pajamas and house slippers, it’s easy to fall back asleep or feel unmotivated to finish your daily assignments because you’re still wearing the clothes you slept in. Your brain knows that your sweats are for lounging in, so switching into some jeans and a nice shirt might aid in snapping your mind into school mode. Set aside a few more minutes out of your day to make sure you look your best, just as you would if you were physically going into your classes. That could mean curling your hair, shaving your face, or putting some body spray on to make you feel a little more confident as you take on your day.


3) Avoid Doing School Work in Your Bed at All Costs

Doing your schoolwork in bed is a recipe for disaster! When you’re nestled in your warm blankets and pillows, it’s difficult to fight the urge to go to sleep and will make staying focused in class more difficult. The key to fixing this problem is to figure out where your best study spot is. This could be a desk in your room, the kitchen table, or maybe even your back porch (just make sure your WIFI connection is strong). The most important things to check for are good lighting, and room for you to spread out and get comfortable. You want to mimic the setup of a classroom so you can feel as engaged as possible. You could even try moving around from multiple locations, so it feels as though you’re walking from class to class, but save your bed for relaxation purposes only. This will help your brain separate which spaces are for work and which are for rest, ultimately getting you a better night’s rest.


4) Set Aside “Library” Time

Although you can’t go hide out on your favorite floor at Alkek, it’s still super important to set aside study time like normal. Keeping your academic habits will help you stay in a familiar rhythm as finals approach. It might be tempting to wait until 10 o’clock to start your assignments and skip out on your teachers recorded lessons because there isn’t a sign-in sheet, but this will only set you back in the long run. Pushing off your work until test week is dangerous, so plan to avoid additional stress. Set aside the same amount of study time as you did before and remove all distractions. If you live with any family members or roommates, ask if they could keep the volume to a minimum for an hour or two so you can recreate the atmosphere and zone in on getting some work done. You’ll be surprised what a difference a couple of hours a week will make!


5) Remember to Relax!

It’s really easy to let the days blend together in a cycle of homework and tests, but adding in some self-care activities are just as important to your academic success. At a certain time in the night completely cut off your schoolwork. Close the laptop, end your Zoom meetings, and do things that you enjoy. Go for a walk to relieve stress, group video chat with some friends, or do a face mask. This is a perfect time to dabble in some hobbies you’ve always wanted to try or relax before the next school day. Make this time all about you and listen to what you need.


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