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LBJSC Journal

LBJSC Journal

The TRIO staff solves the mystery of the ‘Helium Hoop’ during their recent staff retreat, facilitated by the PALM team.

PALM’s Here to Build, Lead and Team ‘Em Up  

Home to Student Involvement and a popular weekly meeting location, the LBJ Student Center is a hub for student organizations.  But the LBJSC has more to offer members of the Bobcat community looking to grow themselves and their organizations. Every organization goes through periods of change and transition with new members joining and old members leaving. Through these shifts, team dynamics and leadership roles can be affected. A great way to mitigate these challenges is by developing skills, such as self-awareness, ethical decision making, organizational development, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Luckily, the LBJSC’s PALM office offers free leadership workshops, retreats, team builders, leadership resources and a number of assessment tools to help develop those exact skills. These resources are focused toward Student Organizations, but are also available to the entire Bobcat community, including faculty and staff departments.

Leadership workshops are available by request and planned according to each organization’s schedule. Every workshop is personalized to the organization’s desired outcomes and needs, such as team building for groups with new members or conflict management for long standing groups looking to improve their communication. To request a workshop for your organization or access the many other leadership building resources offered by LBJSC’s PALM office, just visit

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