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Texas State University

New Normal

"New Normal" Virtual Exhibition

Exploring how our lives have been impacted by the pandemic, the LBJ Student Center Gallery's "New Normal" exhibition showcases diverse perspectives of the student experience through a creative lens. Through the gallery works, the exhibition acts as a bridge to discuss students' perceptions on the changes in our lives.

Digital Flora 1

Emily Gaona


“Digital Flora 1”

11” x 17”



This series of artworks I call digital Flora is my take on what it feels like to stay inside all day on your computer... imitating nature through digital means to escape our present moment.

Darian Simmons


“Mask it or Casket”

9” x 12”

Acrylic paint and Micron pens


Most of my artwork does not directly convey a message because I use art solely to feel accomplished. But changing my creative approach achieved the same goal and helped inspire people to make responsible decisions. My humor seeps into my work by bringing comedic relief to a serious topic to combat my unfamiliarity with incorporating meaning into a painting. My artwork speaks volumes about the change’s society has been forced to make due to the impact the corona virus has made on everyday life.

Mask it or Casket


Sruthi Chakravarthi



8” x 11”

Painted Paper


Tough times call for a hero within self. We are stronger than we believe. We have greater powers than we know. Strength comes from overcoming the things we once thought we couldn’t! Let’s bring out that superhero within ourselves in this tough pandemic situation to show our harmony, courage and compassion.

Hanna Hurd



11” x 14”

120mm Color Film Photography


To me, this photo is an expression of the epitome of the new normal, displaying a poised family member of mine sporting a face mask that I would not have had the pleasure of photographing if we weren't in a global pandemic. Our new normal includes masks as daily necessities, but more so, this photo symbolizes that I've been able to spend time with my sister and photograph her. The new normal to me means valuing every interaction and capturing her likeness, mask, and all, for the posterity.


Tiny Tapper

Victoria Speers


“Tiny Tapper”

10” x 10”

Mixed Media


I wanted to create something unique and different for one of my favorite pictures of when I was little. I was able to be messy and explore with all my supplies. This beautiful piece of art is more than a Tiny Tapper, but a dancer who loves art.

Victoria Speers


“Pollution or Paradise"

16” x 20” 

Acrylic Painting 


In a world where trash surrounds us and endangers innocent species, I was inspired to create what our world should look like vs what it is actually like. Humans are the only animals on earth able to create this monstrous mess called pollution. We are harming our animals and our self in doing so. Many do not think twice about skipping the straw which creates more waste in our beautiful oceans that are now polluted with trash killing millions of species.

Pollution or Paradise

"New Normal" GUESTBOOK

“Awesome art that expresses this time of our lives!” — Lanita Legan

  "Love everyone’s art!"  — Victoria Speers

“Happy this is online! Thanks y’all!” — Kelcy shahin

“Y'all did an amazing job!!!!” — Mackenzie Bark

“I love seeing all of the amazing talent that these artists have, as well as being able to see the new normal through their eyes. Everyone has done such an amazing job on their pieces.” — Andrew Shirey