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Fall 2017 Org Olympics Registration

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Org Olympics!

Registration is first come, first serve until filled or the registration deadline. The deadline to complete registration will be Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 5:00 pm.

Completion of registration includes the online registration form (below), checked agreements to the event's rules, and the required $5 payment fee.

The $5 payment fee will secured your spot at the event. Student organization will pay the $5 fee at the Student Involvement front desk on the fourth floor of LBJ Student Center.

Each participant will receive a confirmation email from SOC with specific details and directions about the Org Olympics within days leading up to the event.

Cancellations will require the notification to SOC at least 72 hours prior to the event. You may do so by contacting or calling 512.245.1485. Failure to notify SOC within this time frame will result in a $15 fee to your organization. This fee is a result of the large number of student organizations who wish to participate and limited spaces. Every effort is made by SOC to ensure maximum capacity with the resources that are available to us. Should you have any questions, please contact SOC at

Org Olympics Eligibility and Registration Rules


The event is ONLY open to Texas State Registered Student Organizations and its members. Please bring your current Texas State ID when checking into Org Olympics or your ID number.

In order to be eligible, student organization's annual registration must be completed in full, have attended Risk Management training session, and each team must have  7 participants with the option of 3 alternates if they so choose.  No organization can have more than 10 representatives.

Organization Registration

Maximum number of Registered Student Organizations: 25 organizations, each with 7 participants.

  • Each organization must have 7 members participating
  • You can combine two different organizations to meet the 7 participants requirement. (Please include both organizations' name in the registration form.)
  • Please include each participant's email, phone number, and Net ID in the Org Olympics registration form below.


Terms Agreement

In order to submit your reservation, please check the following *