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Registration for Conferences OR Off-Campus Event Funding

Please fill out this form if you are requesting travel funds for conferences and/or competitions registration only. Payment will only be in the form of reimbursement.

If you are requesting funds for general campus programming, proceed to the program funding application. If you're requesting funds for Common Experience programming, proceed to the common experience funding application.  If you're interested in applying for the supply funding, proceed to the supply funding application. Please read the funding guidelines prior to submitting the application.

The following documents must be submitted at the time of application:
Itemized Budget
Travel Forms Complete all forms (I, II,III,V) if traveling outside of the San Marcos city limits
Price Quotes and/or Invoices
Advisor Approval Form

*Note that SOC does not reimburse organization advisors, University departments, and taxes in the state of Texas.

If you have any questions, please contact SOC at or by calling (512) 245-1635.

If the field is not applicable, mark N/A.

Please include all costs associated with this travel in the itemized budget (e.g. registrations costs, hotel fees, airfare, etc...)

  • A maximum of $500 can be awarded for travel to conferences and/or competitions.
  • A maximum of $500 can be awarded for off-campus program/event
How does traveling to this event align with the mission of Texas State University? *
Has the organization attended this event previously?
Additional Funding Sources (Check all that apply) *

**Please note SOC does not reimburse physical travel to the location (i.e. airfare, gas, rental fees) or per diem.**

Funding will be applied towards (Check all that apply) *

If you are not the President of the organization, please complete the following information.