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SOC Funding

The Student Organizations Council can provide financial assistance to registered student organizations who meet the requirements set forth by the SOC Constitution and By Laws for programming or travel purposes that benefit or engage the university community.

Each registered student organization must request funding assistance from the SOC by submitting an application and providing all relevant information about the program or event.

SOC offers funding assistance to registered student organizations in good standing with Texas State and SOC. Certain requirements must be met, certain types of events are given priority, and dollar amounts vary.

Please note that SOC does not reimburse University departments. As a general rule, programming for fundraising purposes will not receive funding assistance from SOC. 

Funding Application

Minimal summer funding may be available.  Please submit your funding application by clicking here.


If you have any questions regarding the funding process, please contact



Funding FAQs


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What happens when you apply?

Your student organization must be registered with Student Involvement @ LBJSC and be in good standing with Texas State and SOC. Each organization may request and receive SOC funding once per academic year, provided the organization meets the requirements for good standing.

  • SOC will seek evidence that your organization has fulfilled its expectations for service, leadership development, and educational programming before granting funds.
  • Funding requests will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by SOC weekly until all funds that are available are allocated.
  • Upon SOC's vote to grant your organization funding, you will receive communication from us outlining the next steps in order to receive your reimbursement.

What events get priority?

Funds are distributed to organizations planning leadership development programs, co-curricular educational events, or campus unity-building activities. Any requests for travel and training opportunities must be demonstrated to have a potential benefit to the university community.

  • Highest funding priority: programs and events held on campus and open to the entire university community.
  • Second priority: programs and events held on campus for a specific audience within the university community.
  • Third priority: programs and events held off campus.
  • Lowest priority: travel and training opportunities.

How much funding can I get?

The following are the maximum dollar amounts SOC will grant:

  • A maximum of $700 can be awarded for travel to conferences and/or competitions.
  • A maximum of $1000 can be awarded for on-campus events or programs sponsored by one or more student organizations.
  • A maximum of $500 can be awarded for a Common Experience event or program for individual organization.
  • A maximum of $750 can be awarded for a Common Experience event or program for collaboration of two or more organizations.
  • A maximum of $100 can be awarded for organizational supplies.

How will I know if my organization's funding request was approved?

Your organization president will be contacted once the application has been approved or denied.

What happens after SOC approves funding?

SOC reimburses an organization for expenses approved by the council up to the maximum dollar amount allocated. Before reimbursement can be processed, all organizations must complete the Checklist for Reimbursement along with the following documents and submit them for approval to the Coordinator for Student Organizations.

  • Complete a one-time application for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through the IRS and have a Form W-9 on file. Include these in your reimbursement packet.
  • Itemized invoices or receipts must be submitted to the Student Involvement front desk within 10 university days of the event/program/travel or else funding will be forfeited.
  • Attach support documents such as:
    • Fliers for on campus events or programs
    • For conferences: agenda/schedule of events and a copy of the registration form to attend the conference.
    • If providing food: list of attendees. The number of attendees must reflect the amount of food purchased for complete reimbursement.

All SOC funded events must include the SOC logo on all marketing/advertising for the event.

Your organization must also meet any provisional requirements if stipulated by SOC.

Your organization must complete the post-program assessment form. This form must be turned in within 10 university days after the event. Failure to fulfill the requirements will result in losing funding eligibility the following year.

What are the regulations for travel?

Travel that receives funding assistance from SOC must be conducted according to all Texas State policies and procedures, including the following:

  • A signed copy of the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted by each trip participant along with the proposal.
  • Student organizations must submit names and student PLID numbers of all conference/travel participants.
  • Approval by your advisor/sponsor/faculty/staff member is mandatory.

SOC can only reimburse costs of lodging and/or conference registration. Assistance will not be approved for the cost of traveling to the event.