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Student Organization Event Intake Form

1. Please complete all of the information below for your student organization event. This form must be completed before a reservation can be confirmed in the LBJ Student Center. 

2. Submit the form at least 10 business days prior to your event. Student Involvement will review the submission and may schedule a meeting to gather additional information or to further assist you in coordinating services with other on-campus departments (e.g. risk management, University Police, facilities, etc.)

3. Upon submission, a representative will contact you to move forward with the event-planning process. 

Tell us about your event

Type of event *

Food and Beverage

Will food and/or beverages be served? *
Will alcohol be served? *
Are any representatives of the organization Food Handler Certified? *
Will attendees be charged an entry fee? *

Co-Sponsorship and Guests

Is an outside organization or campus department co-sponsoring this event? *
Will the event have invited guests? (guest speakers, dignitaries, company representatives) *


Pease review UPPS 07.04.02 and UPPS 07.04.03 for University policies on campus solicitation. 

Will you conduct a raffle, auction, silent auction or similar? *
Are there any employment activities? *
Is there any other form of solicitation? *
If yes, please select all that apply

Terms and Conditions

By placing your initials in the box below, you acknowledge that your organization advisor is aware of this event request.**

By placing your initials in the box below, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the Board of Regents, University Policies, Student Involvement and Conference Services offices of the LBJ Student Center. Additional reservation policies, as defined in UPPS 08.01.13 are available for review.**

**Per Student Code of Conduct, Section 2.02: Conduct Prohibited includes furnishing false information to the university and if done may be subject to disciplinary penalties.