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Visual Arts

Spring Student Art Competition

Congratulations to the "Carrying the Banner" winners



LBJ Student Center

Visual Arts Advisory Board


Mission Statement: Engaging Texas State through the support and development of the LBJ Student Center Arts Program. 

Student Art Exhibition

2016-2017 Board Members


Chelsea Whittington: LBJSC Student Curator

Erin Murphy: Student Board Member

DrewAnn Reyes: Student Board Member

Shannon Fitzpatrick: Attorney, Attorney for Students

Lanita Legan: Associate Director, LBJSC (Ex-Officio)

Jack Rahmann: Director, LBJSC

Charlie Salas: Associate Director, LBJSC (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Stella Silva: Associate Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion

Dusty Vaught: Assistant Director, LBJSC